DisabilityI love this picture I found on Facebook today- it’s so true. When I was in the second city touring company out of Toronto 33 years ago, i severed a nerve in one of my fingers and had to play with my left hand in a cast for 6 weeks with two fingers sticking out. I remember the heartbreak of thinking I would never be as good as I had dreamed of. That finger is still numb, but after I got over my fear of failure, I used it to spur me on, and quite possibly, that is further than I would have gone without the accident. Oliver Sacks talks a lot about people who gain through loss, like the artist who went colour-blind and discovered a richer world for his art in black and white. So thanks for this picture, and even if I can’t do a chin-up to save my soul or outplay the world with my fabulous left hand, please excuse me. I have to go practice the piano now.


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