The Age of Individualism

Thanks to the internet, and blogs, and clouds, and you tube anyone and everyone can express themselves as writers, musicians, and artists. Wehave entered the age of the talented amateur, and an abundance information and expression that is ever increasing exponentially. The people and companies that used to be gatekeepers at radio stations, record companies and publishing houses are in the process of being replaced by viral trending.

We have been used to following artistic trends as a herd, shepherded by marketing machines and peer pressure. With an ever growing supply of incredible music and literature available for free on demand, we will be diluting our common reference points. I am not saying this is good or bad, but I am definitely saying it will continue to be different. And not just in how it affects our conversations at parties.

Culture is usually defined by the things we share in common including customs and artistic style. The age of individualism will play by a new set of rules.

Jan Randall Oct. 2 2014



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