My Glorious Original CD Release

This year my mother turned 93. Besides having a full career as a university administer and raising 3 sons, sometimes as a single parent, she aspired to be a concert pianist and a painter. She pursued music hard and furiously until she reached 40, and attained a high level of proficiency that included advanced piano concertos, jazz transcriptions and Chopin. She then made a choice, and focused on painting and drawing and produced an amazing amount of original oils and watercolors that included abstracts, landscapes and figures. She shared them with family and friends and was forever modest about her talent and her output. Clearly the joy was in the doing. Eventually many of these were discarded and only the favorites survive as heirlooms and testimony to her passion. I have no recordings of her playing the piano.


Phillipine’s Mugging Scam

A couple of nights ago I received an email asking me to verify an expansion of my apple icloud account. It was the middle of the night, and normally I am aware enough to know Apple doesn't do this through email. So I typed in my password and hit return and fell asleep. It looked… Continue reading Phillipine’s Mugging Scam

The Age of Individualism

Thanks to the internet, and blogs, and clouds, and you tube anyone and everyone can express themselves as writers, musicians, and artists. Wehave entered the age of the talented amateur, and an abundance information and expression that is ever increasing exponentially. The people and companies that used to be gatekeepers at radio stations, record companies… Continue reading The Age of Individualism


Mojo began as a Cuban seasoning made from garlic and oranges and somehow somewhere evolved to become an international symbol for good fortune. Music is also a universal phenomenum that freely crosses the borders of culture and politics, and the combination of music and blessings perhaps began when mothers learned that singing for their children… Continue reading Mojo